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‍Let doodles do the talking in Yoodl,
the first social network based on animated drawings


Name: Yoodl
Developer: AppCompleet
Release date: 21 September 2022
Price: Free
Age rating: 9+
Devices: Phone and Tablet
Platforms: iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play Store)
Languages: English (more coming soon)
Google Play Store: Yoodl - Google Play Store
Press Contact: aron@appcompleet.nl


Yoodl is an creative social media that let's users communicate with Yoodl's (animated drawings).
Creating a Yoodl is simpel, using the intuitive drawing tools provided anyone can create amazing drawings.
Receiving and viewing Yoodl's is satasfying; because the Yoodl is animated from beginning to end within a couple seconds.

Besides communicating with friends you can also enjoy and take part in the Community Spotlight.
Scroll and view Yoodl's from creators from all over the world: find new friends, become inspired and/or leave a reaction.

You can also follow your favorite creators to stay up to date with their latest Yoodl's, creating your own feed.

Privacy and Security is very important to us, we work hard to ensure a safe place for everyone.
Private Yoodl's can only be send to friends and public Yoodl's are moderated by our team.
We also have a reporting and penalty system in place for moderating users and content.

Yoodl is constantly improving and updated regularly with new features.


Intuitive drawing tools: anyone can make mini-masterpieces, no drawing experience required
Animation: when viewing a Yoodl you don't know what it's going to be until the end
Sharing: send Yoodls to friends and meet new people through drawing
Profiles: create and showcase Yoodls on your profile
Follow: follow and stay up to date with your favorite creators
Community spotlight: post and view Yoodls from all over the world
Cross compatible: play with friends, no matter the device
Content moderation and simple reporting tools so Yoodl stays comfortable for everyone
No ads: Yoodl is distraction-free
Widgets: see your friends’ Yoodls on your homescreen


Yoodl soft launch
Sep 21, 2022
Version 1.0.1
We've been listening to your feedback, and fixed a couple issues. This update also includes some interface changes and performance improvements: Yoodls will now load even faster!

- Adjusted the database structure
- Added the option to invite friends
- Friend lists are now in alphabetical order
- You can now receive Yoodls from Team Yoodl
- Fix issue where you could send a Yoodl to no one
- Other minor changes
Oct 3, 2022
Version 1.0.2
Yoodl Events are now live, starting with the Winter 2022 Event!

- New: Yoodl events
- New: Yoodl store
- New: Community Spotlight favorites
- Added new emoticons and colors are now available
- Adjusted the inbox, spotlight, send page design
- Improved the Spotlight, Friends and Favorites inbox
- Improved overal loading times
- Fixed issues with sending large Yoodls
- Other minor changes
Dec 19, 2022
Version 1.0.3
- New: Build your profile
- New: Avatar creation
- New: Spotlight user profiles
- Adjusted the Spotlight design
- Adjusted Yoodl sending design
- Adjusted drawing icons
- Fixed daily Spotlight issues
- Fixed received emoticons overlapping
- Removed the Winter Event
- Other minor changes
Jan 15, 2023
Version 1.0.4
- New: You can now follow your favorite creators
- New: Following feed
- Added dynamic UI for tablets
- Added profiles to inbox and friend list
- Added Yoodl color indicator
- Added profile tooltips
- Adjusted discover and drawing icons
- Improved overall design
- Fixed user badge inconsistenties
- Other minor changes
Feb 23, 2023
Future updates
- Yoodl Arcade
- Monthly events and contests
- Language localization
- Yoodl export
- Groups
- Drafts

and much more


Aron van Walraven
Design and development

Esmée van't Hoff
Design and art

We're both freelancers from The Netherlands, working together to create ethical and unique applications.
As a team we focus on innovation, user safety and user experience, whilst minimizing the use of user data and advertisements.

With Yoodl the goal was to make a safe place where people can interact in a unique way, exploring and/or finding their creativity.
Yoodl is designed in a way so everyone can make Yoodls, no drawing experience required, while also giving user with experience the tools they need.

Feel free to reach out to us on LinkedIn or via email.


Download Assets Zip




Download Assets Zip


Aron van Walraven

Press contact
tel +31 6 83176614
Email: aron@appcompleet.nl

Support contact
Email: support@appcompleet.nl
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